Hilary Winfield Wall Art

Artist Hilary Winfield is inspired by the dynamic elements of nature; city lights reflecting on a quiet lake at night, peeling paint on a dilapidated building, and a thunderstorm rolling over the ocean at sunset, He sees magic in everything. Winfield has been creating art since as far back as he can remember. When he was in the 4th grade, he won his first art contest and was awarded with $10. He remembers feeling exceedingly overjoyed by the experience. Creating art has always been captivating to him and to win a price and to be acknowledged for it was icing on the cake. He grew up in North Carolina, and this was a fabulous place for a creative person like him to grow up. During college, he loved painting landscapes, specifically the beach nature scenes, and the waterfalls and mountains.

However, he felt compelled to pursue a business-oriented degree and being an artist wasn’t a career option as he considered artists as “starving” people. After college he traveled west across the U.S., visiting many national parks and some of the most beautiful places in the country; the immaculate hot springs in Teton National Park, the Badlands in South Dakota, amazing waterfalls off the beaten path in Wyoming. Winfield completely fell in love with the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and in 2001 decided to relocate to Portland, Oregon where he soon began his corporate marketing career. Four years later, he started using acrylic paint on canvas to creating abstract art, and that’s how he got hooked to art.

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