Steve Kelley Wall Art

Steve Kelley is a craftsman ….an image maker from Southwestern United States. He sees beauty in all things. He loves to create photos and create art. He says art is his passion and doing it gives him a wonderful lifestyle. He travels a lot to explore the beauty that nature provides. Kelley feels that he’s been blessed to be able to live in the fantastic region of the Southwestern United States because it has so much to capture in camera. He loves collaboration, and he’s obsessed with making compelling imagery for his clients. He usually invites viewers to explore his images and he’s sure they’ll find one that is as moving for them as it was for him to capture. His posters, prints and art can be seen all over the world. He’s produced many pieces of art all of which are attractive and hence in great demand.

Kelley knew from an early age that he would be an artist since, as long as he can remember, he loved anything that had artistic flare. He has a unique style that has made his art very attractive. Kelley has a passion for his work and nature, and this is his most valuable attribute. He doesn’t ignore little details that are ignored by many photographers. He uses his art as a means of communicating his feelings to his viewers, that’s why they are able to attract clients not only from the United States, but also from around the world. Kelley’s art can be found in galleries, private collections and in museums around the world.
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New York Window
Fine-Art Print
36" x 24"
Ships within 5-8 days
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