Jessica Jenney Wall Art

Photographer Jessica Jenney captures the natural world with a romantic flair and with an emphasis on intimate landscapes. She also has monochrome images on sale. The relaxing beauty of her ethereal landscape and floral images transcends place and time. Her painterly treatment of her photographs creates bucolic and tranquil scenes reminiscent of the Romantic era painters. Jessica’s work is licensed with PI Creative Art. Her latest passion is capturing features of New York City including its architecture in monochromatic tones. This is quite in sharp contrast to her nature photography. Her black-and-white photographs of NYC’s architecture present a poignant beauty of this grand city with all of its feats of engineering and beautiful buildings. Her art can be seen hanging on the walls of some of the most prestigious buildings in the world.

Her floral photographs present soft to bold colored delicate stamens and petals, all with exquisite texture, detail and contrast. By professional definition, Jessica is a unique artist with unique talent. Astonishingly, given the quality of her work, it’s not easy to believe that she’s still open to learning. She frequents art galleries and museums to observe and learn from the works of other artists. Her unified vision remains constant throughout her works through its implication of a Romantic perspective built upon the capture of bold to subtle textures, grand movements, dramatic viewpoints and perspectives and through the use of rich contrast. Jessica has a sensitive eye to detail, helping her to compellingly and successfully capture the soul and heart of the human-made as well as the natural world.

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