Rob Cherry Wall Art

Rob Cherry is a seascape and landscape Photographer based in Dorset. He grew up around the fantastic coastline and his photographic interest began with a passion for the unique natural surroundings of Dorset. He enjoys trying to bring a creative edge to his landscape photography and also enjoys the post processing element, along with learning new techniques. Her images are available for commercial purposes. Over the past few years he has had many images published in local newspapers and books and in photography magazines. He has also won several awards for his monochrome photography. During 2010 he had one of his images win the Landscape Photographer of the Year Award. The piece was commended by the judges of the Take a view and won a place in the Awards book. In addition, the piece was also displayed in the National Theatre exhibition. Cherry also picked up four awards at the International Photography Awards.

He has also received several other commendations from various worldwide photography competitions. Cherry’s passion for black-and-white photography began with the great photographers’ classic images. It wasn't until he discovered the more recent works of artists such as Michael Kenna that his interest really developed into more of an obsession. Cherry loves the beauty that can be conveyed through light and contrast and the simplicity of monochrome. He has always had a very keen eye for symmetry and lines, so this style really appeals to him. Most of his long exposure shots are taken around the sea given that he lives by the coast. This has also provided him with good amount of subjects.

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