Lynn Krause Wall Art

Lynn Krause is an American artist who uses pastel as the medium of her paintings. Besides her love for art, she also has an education background in fine art, having studied at Chicago Academy of Fine Art. Lynn then picked up a career in a Chicago studio as a commercial artist. In 1966, she abandoned her commercial career before ventured into creating her works for exhibition in 1967. Lynn uses colored sanded paper, Kitty Wallis paper, or Arches black cover stock, depending on the artwork she’s working on at any given time. She works using a specific method in which she starts off her painting with a hard pastel to ensure that she gets it right on lights and darks effects before applying softer pastels to finalize the piece. She chose pastel because they are clear colors with no liquid binder, making them great for use in any given room. They last for several years without undergoing any discoloration.

Lynn has become famous for her autumn trees paintings done in natural colors that make them real. She is inspired by the beautiful works of nature around her. That's why her subjects are mainly landscapes and trees. Lynn exhibits her artwork in art festivals and art fairs all over the country. Her works are also collected and exhibited by several galleries across the globe. She currently lives and works in Woodstock, Illinois, where she produces her original works for distribution to galleries she works with. At the same time, her works are also sold directly from her studio.

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