Robert Jones Wall Art

Robert Jones (Born in 1943) was born in Cornwall. He was taught by Robert Organ and Francis Hewlett studied at Falmouth School of Art. He also studied at Manchester School of Art and at Brighton College of Art. The changing weather and light, the impressions he gained of the area, windblown trees, wild seas and skies are a recurring theme in his work. Jones looks back on this as an important formative influence providing the theoretical and practical foundations for his art. After his studies, he has held a number of teaching posts including Muillion School in Cornwall and Summerhill School in Suffolk. Jones thinks that paintings work on many levels if they are any good. For most people, he says that the subject matter may be seen as the most significant factor, but there are other things at play here.

The proportion and scale of one part of the painting in relation to another and the shape of the spaces around and between things also matter. He sees it as the architecture and structure of painting. He continued to paint while at the same time he teaching in various schools. He was also taught part time at Falmouth and Penzance Colleges of art. His first exhibition was at Newlyn Orion Art Gallery. It was so successful that it encouraged him to concentrate on his paintings. Since then, he exhibited at various location including The Rainyday Gallery, Penzance, Penwith Gallery, St. Ives, Chelsea Art Fair, London, Royal Cornwall Museum, High Street Gallery, Dartmouth, Surrey University, and in many other places.

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