Michael Trevillion Wall Art

Michael Trevillion (born in 1948) was born in London, England. He spent his early childhood in rural Kent and London, before he moved to Canada at the age of 9. For the next 24 years, Trevillion lived in Winnipeg, where he attended the University of Manitoba, eventually graduating with a degree in Psychology. He now resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia with his two daughters and wife, and works at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Philosophy and painting have been the two constant threads running through his life. Interestingly, the concepts and ideas that are the currency of his other passion, philosophy is nowhere directly expressed in his paintings. For the most part, Trevillion is self taught. He started painting in oils at the age of 15 and was fortunate to be somehow proficient in the medium almost from the beginning.

His recent works are imaginative landscapes that he hopes convey a certain mood through the quality of light. Because his paintings are primarily derived from imagination, they could perhaps be more accurately viewed as not expressing an outer but rather an inner landscape. Their primary foundation, however, is still mood. Trevillion however hopes that in wrestling with the paradoxical and mobile ideas of philosophy, he has gradually developed a mood of soul that is conveyed through the images. He has developed a unique style and technique that help him achieve his objective as an artist. He believes that artists communicate with their viewers through their art and that’s what he does.

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