Danka Weitzen Wall Art

Danka Weitzen paints with her heart and also with her eyes. She captures her floral subjects so elegantly that those who view her art can almost smell the flower's fragrance and feel the soft petals. She was born in Lodz, Poland – his father was from Poland while her mother was Italian. The family moved to Torino, Italy when she was a child and they settled in the Palazzo Reale di Torino. She had her first art exhibition in 1969 after she graduated from high school at Ars Plauda Gallery in Torino. Since then, Danka has exhibited her work in Egypt, Holland, Germany, Malta, United States, Spain, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Kenya, Costa Rica, Portugal, Ethiopia, Switzerland, and Romania. About 15 years ago, she was invited to participate in a most important art exhibition on Napoleon.

Her next exhibit took place in the United States, at the Robert Paul Galleries in Stow, Vermont; it took place in July, 2007. She exhibited 19 of her most recent paintings by then. The artist has a permanent exhibit in Europe in St Paul-de-Vence, France; and in the United States. Danka’s art is exhibited in New Orleans, Louisiana at Galleria Bella; in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania at Fine Art Liaison; in Deer Park, New York’s Marlin Art; and in Stowe, Vermont at Robert Paul Galleries. Danka’s art stand out among the works of other artist because she has developed a unique method of producing them. Today, she counted among the best artists in the world and is highly sought after.

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