Garrett Walker Wall Art

Garrett Walker is chasing his dream that he says sometimes can be a nightmare. But he loves it. He’s an artist through and through. Walker is a left handed designer, illustrator that creates, writes and sings. He believes in God, Jesus and that the Holy Spirit stays with him every second of every day he lives. Walker always makes it a deliberate effort to do the right thing at the right time. He finds himself helping others more than he should, especially when it comes to the less fortunate. A lot of times instead of finding him singing at a bar or event, he can be found sitting around a bunch of homeless people just talking about life and singing songs. He does his best to make sure others know that Jesus loves them. His art developed from his passion and regard for what nature provides, the landscape, the attractive sceneries and the beautiful objects.

His art evolved from his desire to represent the beauties of natural and man-made objects so that others can taste and enjoy the beauty of these man-made and natural things that surround us. He has worked for many years with designers, individuals and corporations creating art for specific environments. He has exhibited in both solo and group shows. His art are sold at high prices because of their attractiveness. Walker is extremely sensitive and keen, almost too sensitive. Not a single detail will miss from his art. He strives for his art to be as accurate as possible.
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Fine-Art Print
20" x 8"
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