Rodney White Art Prints

New York based artist Rodney White is inspired by everything. He is a graphic designer bynature and trade, hence his love for type and vintage design and advertising. "I see things everywhere and everyday that gives me some idea for my pieces. I love to visit flea and antique markets. I notice the natural aging of the things around us. Billboard signs, buildings, packages, and aging paper catch my attention. I seek to replicate the rusting and decaying look of the things I see." Many of his paintings come from what he writes often in his Journal/Idea books. Typically, his friends and the people he meets, say the most brilliant things, and they sometimes never mean them the way he hears them. He enjoys learning about people and their stories. He believes everybody has them, but not everybody has someone that wants to lsiten to them. A dreamer, Rodney is always dreaming.

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