Jaime Olaya Wall Art

Artist Jaime Olaya was born in Colombia. He studied fine arts at the Instituto de Bellas Artes, in Medellín. He has lived in Seattle since 1990. He served as professor of arts at two institutions with much success. He has participated in several important expositions in Colombia, including the Biblioteca Pública Piloto and at the Museo de Antioquia. The artist uses a gamma of colors quite typical of Latin American scenery, where he molds the women as the center of all beauty. His passion and love for the countryside, the peasant life and the very simple people is a portrait of man living in a utopian world. The sensibility of Olaya is depicted in the idealized daily themes of life: peace, happiness, love, and spiritual and physical health. Olaya’s style is provocative and simple to the senses, and invites the viewers to move further from the material world and return to a simpler life, to nature, bursting with relaxation and pleasure, a world everyone needs to rescue.

Considering himself a naturalistic painter, Olaya paints with a variety of different styles and techniques which makes his art to be unique and to stand out among the works of other artists. The artist strongly believes that for the world to be a better place men should not interfere with nature, and that technology shouldn't be misused. Olaya teaches art classes and has exhibited his works in several important places, such as the University of Washington, the Gallery in the Seattle Museum and in many other galleries in the US.
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La Maternidad
Fine-Art Print
20" x 28"
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