Ruth Bush Wall Art

Ruth Bush currently resides in her quaint home town of Lehighton where she designs pieces for the hospitality market, and the home décor and gift market. She’s known for her tapestry style images which she renders in acrylic on canvas. Ruth studied at Kutztown University in the center of Pennsylvania Dutch country and obtained an advertising art degree. Her desire to be an artist stemmed from her childhood, with memories of playing with colored pencils with her twin sister at her grandparents’ house. They could draw and paint on any surface that was available. Ruth has worked as a designer in the corporate art departments of Blue Cross and Bank of America, and as a package and toy designer for Hasbro Toys in New England. When she decided to pursue painting, Ruth started designing pieces for Phoenix Art Group, a studio catering to art galleries and top interior designers.

As time went by, she learnt that there was a great deal of importance in painting a variety of styles so that varying demands of clients for different taste could be met. She therefore developed several different styles, and issued each an exclusive pen name. The styles she developed range from abstract contemporary works to traditional old world imagery. She also enjoyed creating souvenir products including books and posters with the help of her husband. She was pleased to hear from customers entering her store that she had souvenirs belonging to the “Disneyland.” Ruth spent six years in Las Vegas where she worked closely with interior designers in the hotel and casino as well as the residential industry.

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