Dan Poole Wall Art

Dan Poole (Born 1941) was born in Unadilla, Georgia USA. He is an artist of the late 20th century known mainly for his exemplary paintings. He lived and was active in Florida. The majority of his works of art are available as limited edition posters and prints. Poole’s original oils are very hard to come by. His Past and Present Representations include Patricia Cloutier Gallery, Delray Beach, FL Bryant Gallery, FL Rollins Gallery, Nena’s Choice Gallery, Tomlyn Gallery, Ainsworth & Noah, Jackson, MS Catherine, Carlin Gallery, among others. Poole produces art in a variety of finishing options to increase their collectability. His art is therefore found in many galleries, museums, institutions and homes all over the world. They are also found with many discerning collectors. He loves the beauty of his subjects and he conveys this beauty through light and contrast and texture.

He has always had a very keen eye for lines, form, balance and symmetry, so his style really appeals to the viewers. Poole’s pieces of art offer moments of stillness and quietness. He says that painting has changed his life and he’s so happy to be able to make a living doing it. He hopes that even if a viewer fails to pick one of his pieces, they will always leave them while smiling. That thought brings her great joy. He’s won many awards including John H. Cordon Memorial Award, Metro Dade Cultural Affairs Award, Society of the Four Arts, CA Award of Excellence, Juror Randall Williams, and Milwaukee Mary Hulitar Award, to mention a few.

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