Dot Bunn Wall Art

Dot Bunn has a strong dedication to teaching and working with traditional methods of painting. She’s a full time studio oil painter who believes that intuition and spontaneity are only useful when combined with a strong background in value management and drawing. She currently lives and works in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Her paintings are developed thoughtfully by design. She enjoys the challenge of building a composition that’s two-dimensional, but looks realistic. Her works have been exhibited in juried and solo exhibitions, and have received numerous awards, among them the Alden Bryan Memorial Medal. Dot’s art has also been included in the Salon International Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, and in many other galleries where they have been welcomed warmly by viewers.

Her involvement in the art community includes lecturing, teaching and supporting upcoming artists by hosting networking events and workshops. His art has found its way into Corporate Collections including those of Korean Delegation of Namdong, Bohler Engineering, Warren, NJ, and Byers Choice, Chalfont, PA. Dot believes that all things can be made beautiful if the goal of an artist is to apply the principles of the management of color and composition to their art. It is not objects that she strives to paint, but the essence of light that washes over and surrounds them. Dot is very keen to detail and is able to bring together all the elements of art to ensure that her compositions are balanced and attractive. She’s managed to sell quite a number of her pieces and their demand is still growing.

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