Allison Jerry Art Prints

Alison Jerry is one of the leading giftware designers in the country today. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she is now based in Hoboken, New Jersey, where she enjoys her Manhattan view. Her successful product lines are the result of intuitive design work, marketing savvy and her sheer love of illustration. Alison is a uniquely qualified artist, not only by her many years of experience, but by her personal approach and dedication to her craft. "My designs reflect my enthusiasm for life. I am constantly inspired by color as well as form. I try to combine that passion and incorporate my varied hand from flat paint to watercolor images. If I am inspired deeply, then I hope I can touch others in the same way by my designs. Ever since I can remember, I have been surrounded by art. My grand parents, successful artists in their own right, were truly the base of my inspiration to start my own design path. Design, color, and form are fascinating to me. I hope to continue to create artwork that everyone can enjoy and find my art as a way to put a smile on their face!" -- Allison Jerry

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