Linnea Pergola Wall Art

Linnea Pergola (Born 1953) was born in Hollywood, CA. She now resides in New Jersey. Her creativity guides and inspires her to create in her paintings a meld of na've charm and drama. Her work consists of a collection of enchanting and captivating portrayals of fantasy and life, from an unaffected and pure response to her subject. Linnea’s subject matter is as eclectic and diverse as her travels and background. She studied Cultural Geography, History, Art History and Chinese languages at Cal State University and has traveled to the less often seen countries of Poland, Scandinavia and Russia, as well as the Philippines where she travelled with the Peace Corps. The driving force is her desire to express her unique creativity which inspires her to produce high quality art including serigraphs and multi-media paintings.

And it is the history she has absorbed and her love for the many different cultures and places that she has studied and seen that have given her a rich pool into which she dips her brush and pen. Although she’s inspired by many subjects, cityscapes have become her favorite and can be seen in many of her artwork. Linnea embraces their lifestyles and distinctive atmosphere, lighting, architecture, and the high energy of the cities ignite her imagination. Linnea's work has been exhibited at many galleries including Roberts Gallery of Scottsdale, Martin Lawrence Gallery and The Ambassador Gallery of New York. Linnea admires N.C. Wyeth’s strong illustrations, Georgia O'Keefe’s moods and colors of, and Carl Larson’s gentle scenes.

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