Georg Karl Koch Wall Art

Georg Karl Koch (Born 1857) was a multi-talented artist who was initially educated by his father and then began studying at the Berlin Academy where he was a pupil of Karl Gussow. He was a lithographer, painter, sport painter, wood cutter, historical-scenes painter, an animal painter and illustrator. Koch came into limelight in 1874 at the Berlin Academy exhibition with his painting titled Waldpartie mit Rehen. The years saw him mainly painting dioramas and panoramas for Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, and even cities in the US. Many of Koch’s paintings were given to clubs of officers such as the Hannover’s Royal Ulan Regiment. Later, animals were starting to become Koch’s favorite motifs and he particularly made a name for himself with realistically rendered military, sporting and hunting works. Further to this, he created many lithographs and illustrations.

Koch was a member of the Verein Berliner Künstler and he was voted on the board of the Academy of Arts in 1886 and on the country's art commission in the same year. In 1914 the Academy of Fine Arts in Charlottenburg, Berlin appointed him to head the class for animal painting. Many works by the artist, including 'GERMAN SOLDIERS SHAVING', have been sold at auction. Some were sold at New York 'Property from the Estate of Rochelle Sepenuk. The artist died in 1926. His works continue to cause a lot of excitement among many collectors who like to stock them for their rich history and attractiveness. His art is still in great demand to date.

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