Karin Planker Wall Art

Karin Planker is one of the artists who place high demands on themselves and their work. She’s disciplined in his work and his high standard calls out constantly for him to work extremely hard to fully satisfy his clients and to fully realize his artistic potential. So her art is a continuous creative process that never comes to an end but constantly creates new pieces. The abstraction of Karin, as with that of Bada Shanren, is understood to be direct description and subtle formulation of the reality as it is lived. Whether the constructive, the lyric or informal abstraction, decollage, collage or non-objective material painting - they all have stories to tell, their themes and motives reflect the artist’s creative process. From his work which is inexhaustible always the wide dimensions and new perspectives of his art arise.

The longer Karin’s images are viewed, the more the viewer will feel addressed by their color. It doesn’t matter what the color is, whether black, red, white, blue, gray, or yellow, the viewer can always find the color that’s appropriate to their taste. This world of color born from the imagination and emerges again in our familiar atmosphere of the world of reality is what invites each viewer to communicate. To Karin, decorated in mixed media paintings on wood, metal or canvas, are ideograms that are very personal. Her art has found its way into many homes, galleries and institutions around. They are in high demand and are therefore stocked by many collectors.

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