Rudi Hurzlmeier Wall Art

Rudi Hurzlmeier (Born November 13, 1952) is a German artist who was born in Mallersdorf, Lower Bavariaworked. After his studies came to an end, he worked as a gas station attendant, parachute artist, autopsy Assistant, scenery maker and antique dealers. From 1981 onwards, he started studying comic drawing. After some time, he started drew comic pictures for underground leaves. His artistic works soon became acceptable that a number of them were published in numerous articles for magazines such as Titanic, Eulenspiegel, Penthouse, PM Magazine among several others. Hurzlmeier has worked with Wiglaf Droste, Hans Zippert, Fritz Eckenga and Harry Rowohlt as an illustrator. The artist has published over 40 books and catalogues. Since 1990, his works have been widely appreciated. Hurzlmeier uses a unique style that makes his creative pieces stand out. He uses watercolor, line art, ink sketches and art for comics. Hurzlmeier knows how to switch between comic and pieces that would get creepy to the viewer. Even when he creates cartoons, he does it so well that one can easily get lost in them. His famous pieces Krahe and Seagul have been widely distributed and have won him several awards. Besides being sold online, his artistic works are also found in a number of art galleries and diverse art dealerships. They can also be found in high profile collections. Hurzlmeier’s works are mainly inspired by forests and the things in them such as trees and animals. He’s a Board member of Förderverein comic art gallery. He has two sons and he lives in Munich. Whether one wants his pieces in canvas, lamination, or prints, they can be found in galleries and a host of art dealerships.
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