Van Martin Wall Art

Van Martin is an American painter who looks at himself as a renaissance man due to his wide variety of skills through which he develops his artistic works. He has been a painter for several years, covering several different subjects such as nature, seascapes, landscapes, and both modern and old architectural designs. Martin uses canvas as the base support for his artwork. He has a background in science, music, and art, representing his areas of study in school. He works in a wide array of mediums, including oil, acrylics, and sculpting, which he uses to properly display his subjects. Besides creating images of real life objects using his realist style that captures everything to the last detail, he also creates abstract paintings. As a result of his creativity and versatility, his works are displayed in different collections across the US and a host of other places abroad. He sells his limited edition works directly to clients while his prints are sold through a host of galleries as well.

Martin has a unique way of using colors to give a clear picture of his subjects. That makes it possible for him to differentiate his subject matter based on surroundings, time period, and the time of the day. Whether he's painting a sunny day or evening, he has a creative way of playing around with light, shadows, and color to give the best results. At the same time, he's able to capture specific objects that are easily identifiable.

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