Kathy Middlebrook Art Prints

Kathy Middlebrook is an American artist who’s a native of Southern California. Her love for painting became evident at a young age and she has been making art since. Instead of painting purely for fun, she decided to take it seriously as her career. In order to get the best of her painting career, she moved from California and has since seen her career blossom. Her use of color is powerful, ensuring that her artwork represents vivid and fitting sheds that represent her subjects perfectly. Kathy is an established artist whose works have been published by several mainstream companies. Her works have also been exhibited in several galleries across the US, with some of them sold as limited editions while others as prints. Kathy prefers working with colored pencils in making her art.

She’s quite grateful for the fact that she’s living her dream, something she has always wanted to do. She also likes her painting career since it gives her freedom to work at her preferred hours. Painting also presents her with an open end opportunity to learn new ideas. Kathy covers several subjects including nature, sports, home items, signs and more. She uses different colors based on the subject she’s covering at any given time. Because of her use of vivid and sometimes calm colors, her art can as well be used in children rooms with amazing results. Her talent, skills and professionalism have enabled he to create an nurture great working relationships with different companies and individuals.

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