Mary Naylor Wall Art

Mary Naylor's practical, yet whimsical works of art are some of the hottest selling art products and have been sold and displayed at museum shops and galleries worldwide. Mary is a Manchester-based graphic designer whose works of art have graced the likes of the Font, Antwerp Mansion and Soup Kitchen. Her clever but kitschy illustrations make her one of the most fascinating and novel emerging artists in the art scene of Manchester. Mary’s desire to draw initially stemmed from her obsession with horses when she was still young. She recalls “we couldn’t afford one so I used to continuously draw them, but there are only so many horses someone can draw.” After studying Fine Art at Mancat College, her interests began to shy away from equestrian doodles and she found herself drawn to Graphic Design, and fell in love with the works of Egon Schiele.

Mary furthered her studies at Liverpool John Moores University, after which she began upping her interest in weed like most student bums. She preferred to spend her time working on collages and found inspiration in the works of artist Slabbick, whose influences are still present in Mary’s work even today. After several of her pieces went viral, she began to pursue bigger projects and became motivated by leading a smoke-free life. With an ever expanding portfolio, the artist is now spreading her wings into the likes of visual installations and animation, having gained experience assisting at big events such as the Warehouse Project and Parklife festival. Talented, quirky and relevant, she’s currently involved in helping with visuals for Maker Projects.

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