Eva Misa Wall Art

Eva Misa loved art since her childhood. She was lucky to grow up in an artistic environment. Her mother was a photographer and an enthusiastic gardener, while her father was a photographer and painter. They both had a deep influence on her need to express herself creatively through art, not only in painting but also in music. She was exposed to art materials at that young age and made her to learn a lot on how to handle these materials. Though, he’s primarily self-taught, Eva had 2 years of formal art training. Her favorite subjects have always been flowers. Their unlimited variety in textures, shapes and colors gives her a never-ending source of inspiration. In her work, she combines the influences of many artists, more so post-impressionists and impressionists. One habitual theme in her work is to use designs and decorative borders to compliment the main composition.

She is constantly exploring new ways for self-expression using several mediums - she uses oils, acrylics, textural mediums, and sometimes adds collage materials for different effects. Eva has established a reputation as an artist and she created what is regard by many scholars as her greatest achievement. With such esteem and understanding her art has found widespread demand and appeal. They are found in many stores all over the world. Eva produces art that’s influenced by the memories held onto from childhood. Her art reflects the pride and spirit of her home town. That’s why many discerning collectors stock them in large numbers. Her art is easily recognizable because of the way she uses color and texture.

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