Lisa White Wall Art

Lisa White has more than 20 years experience as an artist. She specializes in the portrayal of the human figure. Lisa graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Art and Design in 2009. Her gestural and loose style reflects the vigor with which she approaches her subjects catching either the essence of the person or the moment. In 2014, she was the Supreme Winner of the Doig Marlborough Art Awards by Peter. Lisa was a finalist is the Adams Portraiture Awards in Wellington in 2010, and has been a 3-time award winner in the prestigious Nelson Impressions Art Awards. Her work has been collected nationally, regionally and internationally and can be purchased online or from physical outlets. Her paintings capture transitory movement, built with instinct-driven and an original vision.

Her paintings can be found in corporate and private collections around the world as well as in many hospitality, retail and media venues. His pieces of art are evocative and beautiful – innovative, yet rooted in tradition - and demonstrate great profundity of technique, feeling and vision. Lisa sensitively echoes significant painters from the early ages and the modern ones as well. Through her passionate quest she captures the moods of her subjects. Her creative paint application rewards the eye of the viewers with loaded textures, spiced by confrontational skies. Lisa strives for work that’s expressive, emotive and visceral, her illuminations of the natural surroundings is more of a feeling than a strict observation. Her pieces of art are easily distinguishable from those of other artists.

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