Gerdie Schaffer Wall Art

Gerdie Schaffer is a designer, an artist and antique trader based in Malmesbury, a civil parish and market town in the southern Cotswolds, Wiltshire, England. Schaffer has always created art since he was a child for his own amusement and enjoyment. What began as a hobby has developed into a full time career and he’s now known all over the world. Schaffer loved animals and today they are his primary focus. His art captures animals in their best mood and environment. He’s blessed with fertile imagination which was nurtured by those who surrounded him while he was growing up. Schaffer has exhibited in both group and solo shows and galleries. His art has been received warmly and most reviewers are thrilled by his work. Those who’ve bought and live with his delightful images or own them talk about the good humor, optimism, and the evocation of affectionate relationship with animals.

His original paintings and prints appear in many well-known private and public collections throughout the world. Schaffer likes to paint wildlife because of his enthrallment with the natural world and the diversity of life around him. And despite his several years of experience in painting, he still visits many art galleries and museums to learn new techniques from other artists. The artist loves to deal with nature as a means of appreciating what it has to offer. He uses his art as a means of connecting with his viewers. Schaffer believes that through art he can express his inner feelings to his viewers.
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Wall Poster
16" x 20"
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