Rosemarie Stanford Wall Art

Rosemarie Stanford has led a very free life enriched by the many different careers she has had over the years. She worked in the Airline Industry for thirty years and has circled the globe many times. She’s a working actor and a lifestyle model. Through the Airline Industry she had the opportunity to become an International relief worker and spent many years moving back and forth to Korea, India and Africa to work with abandoned and orphaned children. Rosemarie finds nature, to be very sensual, especially flowers, and she tries to capture that sensuality in her work. She only uses black backgrounds because, to her, that color gives a mysterious and dramatic look to the art. After retiring the artist says she now has the time to literally stop and smell the roses. She’s completely captivated by the intricacy of flowers and the details that are interwoven in plants. The details of nature never cease to amaze her. She feels that nature is the ultimate artist. Her work has graced the covers of Novels, Magazines, and many other commercial projects.

Her images also appear in the reception area of Major Hotels and commercial buildings. Rosemarie has exhibited at The Wirtz Gallery, The Gallery at Ocean Reef, Mirror Image Gallery, The Village Gallery, the Vault Gallery, and Fairchild Tropical Gardens. Her works consist of flowers, orchids, vegetables fruits, and plants growing throughout her gardens. She’s inspired each time she walks through her gardens. Rosemarie does not consider what she does as “work”; her primary concern is to share the details of the flowers and plants with her viewers. Her garden has been featured on Home and Garden TV with Metropolitan Home magazine, Erica Glasner, and The Miami Herald.

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