Ted F. Remington Wall Art

Self taught artist Ted F. Remington, began his career in his late middle age as the result of much encouragement from some artist friends who had noticed his talent. Remington experienced a sudden surge of passion for visual art and that surge has been with him ever since. His work was outstanding and soon he began receiving commissioned works. He became represented by galleries in Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. He was also juried-in National competitions, and began to receive special honors and awards. Remington declares himself a native of Salt Lake City, Utah although he has lived in San Francisco and its surrounding areas.

In the 1970s, Remington was immediately inspired to write and publish poetry about his experiences after he discovered the desert southwest. It was during this time that he resolved primal forces to be counterpart to a love of culture and art. He rediscovered his true voice within his past endeavors in art came together on canvas and paper in which he could see a relationship between painting and shading of the human voice. About his painting rebirth, Remington says, one day he awoke to a compelling force; a renewed passion for visual poetry as his true expression. Currently, his artistic efforts are best expressed in his series titled “Living Earth”, an indefatigable journey in which he takes the viewers through heightened scenes inspired by the monoliths of Zion National Park, the waterfalls of Grand Canyon, and the walls of the Colorado River, and by Pueblo and New Mexico Culture.
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Little Village
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18" x 14"
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