William Whitaker Wall Art

William Whitaker (Born n 1943) was born in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. As the son of an artist, he learnt the technical background of painting when he was less than 20 years old. He was the only son of an artist father, so he grew up in the special world of a working artist. Whitaker had access to some of the best art materials imaginable, and was able to paint in oil and watercolor at the age of 6. His memorable moments are those in the art studio with the sights sounds and smells of the art studio. The world of art of his youth and even childhood was the world of abstract expressionism which was brave and new and until he was out of college, Whitaker’s love for traditional realism and his inborn inclination to draw accurately were a source of inner conflict.

However, starting at age 17, he was fortunate to receive a strong foundation in painting and academic figure drawing at the University of Utah from Alvin Gittins, the portrait painter, and after exploring other styles he followed his heart into traditional art. The artist loves to paint in an old fashioned studio and from life. No matter what direction his art takes him, Whitaker always comes back to the model in the studio. He refers to this kind of painting and seeing as the “Old Testament” of art. Whitaker also feels that there is enough magic to engage him there for the remainder of his life.

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