Picasso Surrealism

Picasso is mostly famous for his Cubism prints and this is the artistic movement that people are first thinking of when hearing about the Spanish artist. While these paintings are widely appreciated, the Picasso Surrealism Art is just as intriguing and OrientalFurniture.com makes a powerful case with the artwork it offers. The works of art were created years after the end of World War 2 when Picasso visited Italy and found a new source of inspiration for his paintings.
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Picasso Surrealism Paintings

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Fine-Art Print
54" x 28"
Ships within 3-4 days
Portrait of a Harlequin
Fine-Art Print
11" x 14"
Ships within 5-7 days
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Some of the Picasso Surrealism printings that are up for sale at OrientalFurniture.com were unveiled for the first time at the first Surrealist exhibition in 1925. He was ahead of his times and the artwork generated mixed emotions, but today you simply can’t go wrong with hanging Picasso Surrealism paintings on the walls. The Dream, Lovers and Portrait of a Harlequin are a couple of the prints that celebrate artwork worth millions of dollars, while making it affordable for any art lover.

The Picasso Surrealism art is expressing powerful feeling and emotions that were contained in the previous Picasso artwork. There are enough connections to be made between the Cubism and Surrealism period for those who can see them, but regular buyers will be more than happy to enjoy these Picasso Surrealism paintings for their sheer beauty. If you have the time and patience to browse the entire collection, you will notice that the artwork created in the 30s differs slightly from early Surrealism prints.
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