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Fans of the horror genre who enjoy those movies about experiments gone wrong are probably familiar and enthusiastic about the Resident Evil movie. Few know that the film was actually inspired by a video game that was even more popular, but this doesn’t take away the fun factor when enjoying the Hollywood blockbuster. has Resident Evil Posters dedicated mostly to the movie, but there is artwork celebrating the games as well, for the genuine fans.
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Resident Evil Art

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Resident Evil - Afterlife
Wall Poster
24" x 36"
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Sometimes it takes television to make a great book famous and in this case, the popularity of the videogame surged in the wake of the cinematic release. The Resident Evil prints at site(brandname) follow the central character throughout the entire series, as there are posters for each installment. It is unclear whether the series gained momentum and the sequels were just the result of popular demand or if a clear strategy was already in place, yet the result is just as impressive.

Not surprisingly, the Resident Evil posters are grim and somewhat menacing, as the world they are depicting is dystopic and hope has forsaken those lands. This doesn’t mean that aspiring decorators with a passion for horror movies will ruin the atmosphere in a room, by turning it gloomy. In fact, it is the exact opposite and the reason for why the Resident Evil art work is that Milla Jovovich is the central character in the series. Her presence both on screen and in posters is exciting on many levels and makes the artwork enticing.
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