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Vivien Leigh has reputation as a stage and screen actress whose performance left the audience wowed. A British actress born in 1913 as Vivian Mary Hartley, she made a name for herself in the acting industry, winning Academy Awards among several others. She's known for works such as Gone with the Wind, A Streetcar Named Desire, and the 1963 Tovarich, all of which won her awards. Both Gone with the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire won her Academy Awards for Best Actress. Vivien Leigh wasn’t just known for her acting life, but her astounding beauty and glowing eyes. A combination of her looks and acting prowess has made Vivien Leigh posters quite famous globally. "Gone with the Wind Scarlett O'Hara & Rhett Butler” shows her in action; evidencing both her unique ability to show emotions and her beauty. Vivien Leigh photos have made her memories to live on although she passed on back in 1967. Our collection of Vivien Leigh pictures are a clear indication that she wasn’t just an average actress, but one who deserved all the attention and recognition she got. Her works have found their way to different global markets and are still receiving viewership among movie fans.
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Vivien Leigh Art

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Gone with the Wind - Orange
Fine-Art Print
24" x 36"
Ships within 5-8 days
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You don’t shouldn’t limit yourself when it comes to where you want to use pictures of Vivien Leigh. Just ensure that you select images of your preferred color blends and use them in any room you deem fit. You can also select images of Vivien Leigh and have them laminated, printed on canvas or framed. The selection of any of the finishing options should be guided by the results you would like to achieve and the kind of interior design you have.
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