Georgia O'Keeffe Floral Art

It is well known that Georgia O'Keeffe was an avid painter of oversized floral prints. O'Keeffe's florals are, after all, her most well known work. However, what some do not know is that she was somewhat of a pioneer of her time. She was the first to paint oversized close up images of flowers with such detail. Her use of bright, vibrant color was something that set her apart from other painters of her time. Her florals were remarkably similar to a modern form of photography during that time. Her impeccable detail and vivid color were in part the reason for this. One of her most famous collections is her Poppy prints. there are several variations of this print such as Red Poppy, Poppy 1927 and Oriental Poppies. She also used Petunias as a source of inspiration which you can see in her prints, Petunias 1925, Black and Purple Petunias and Petunia.
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Georgia O'Keeffe Floral Paintings

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