Georgia O'Keeffe New Mexico Paintings

In 1929, Georgia bought a car and learned to drive so she could explore the desert on her own. She primarily stayed in and around Taos, painting various architectural, tree and landscape forms that she was so interested in. by the early 1930's she had ventured south of Taos and by the mid 1930's she was moving south and west of Taos which proved to be her favorite areas.

It was in from areas that she drew her inspiration for the next forty years. She was especially drawn to the stark but brightly colored hills and cliffs of the Ghost Ranch area, the cedar trees surrounding her Ghost Ranch home and the sun bleached bones she collected throughout the desert. You can see these bones in her prints, Pelvis with the Distance and Ram's head, White Hollyhock and Little hills.
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Georgia O'Keeffe New Mexico Prints

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Pelvis with the Distance
Fine-Art Print
27" x 22"
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Some other prints that were painted during this time are Ranchos Church. This church had been painted many times before by other artists, but O'Keeffe focused on a close up section of the church, rather than the entire building. Sunflower, New Mexico, 1935 is yet another very well known print by Georgia O'Keeffe showcasing her love of bold color and photographic detail.
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