James Franco Art

James Franco is only 36 years old, but he started acting two decades ago and has dozens of movies under his belt, including some great ones. He made his big break with the movie Flyboys and this is why most of the James Franco Posters feature him playing the role of Blaine Rawlings. It was the first chance he got to make a long lasting impression and he made the most of it, with the next roles only consolidating his reputation.
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James Franco Artwork

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Midnight Matinee
Fine-Art Print
36" x 24"
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Flyboys was his first triumph but he persevered and the next time he stepped into the spotlight, it was an entirely different role in Milk. Without being the central character, he managed to stand out from the crowd and there are James Franco posters featuring him next to Sean Penn and the rest of the cast.

He came very close of winning an Academy Award for his role in 127, but as a young and promising actor, he will have more opportunities to win the coveted statue. Meanwhile, fans can wait for the faithful day while showcasing their passion through James Franco artwork.
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