Grateful Dead Posters

As rock bands go, thirty years of activity is quite an achievement and very few modern bands have such ambitious expectations. The Grateful Dead went the distance and in thirty decades of activity, they produced some great albums and even more superb tracks. Their musical legacy is impressive on many levels and tries to match it with a nice assortment of Grateful Dead Posters, that are a must have for dedicated fans.
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Grateful Dead Art

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Jerry Garcia
Fine-Art Print
10" x 10"
Ships within 2-4 days
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The group started out as a small band in 1965 and had their first major performance two years later, with the Mantra-Rock Dance being celebrated in some amazing Grateful Dead art prints. Whether you prefer the actual photos or the psychedelic drawings, will provide several options for each genre. As pioneers of the jam band movement, the Grateful Dead are indissolubly linked to the 60s and this is exactly the message that the Grateful Dead printings try to convey.

The name of the band is a bit grim and some of the Grateful Dead posters feature skeletons and other creatures from the dark beyond. A quick glance at this artwork will reveal the fact that there is nothing scary about the Grateful Dead prints, with the inspired choice of colors changing the frame of mind. Youngsters who want to pay tribute to the classics, but also long time rock and roll fans will find great pride and joy in showcasing their admiration for a famous band by hanging Grateful Dead art prints on their walls.
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