Natalie Portman Posters

This actress art category contains film cover artwork from many of the popular films featuring Natalie Portman. These pieces are advertisements for the films that double as trendy decorations for her fans.

Natalie Portman is an American/Israeli actress who became immensely popular for her role in “Star Wars: Episode I” near the turn of the century. Since that time, she has appeared as a leading character in numerous motion pictures, and continues acting to this day.
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Natalie Portman Art

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Your Highness
Wall Poster
24" x 36"
Usually ships same day
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These pieces of actress artwork are typical of modern movie posters, showcasing the movies attractive qualities with entertaining and emotionally charged pictures often in combination with colorful backgrounds. The film cover art in this category usually displays one or more of the leading cast members, and uses the same font and color schemes as many of the other advertisements for the same movie. Also included in this category is movie artwork made specifically for personal use, forgoing the usual attributes like the names of cast members and production companies. The poster “V for Vendetta Close up Screen Shot” shows only the face of the lead character and includes no words whatsoever.

Artwork from this section is usually purchased by fans of Natalie Portman or the films in which she played a role. It is often used to express the buyer’s adoration for the actress or the film itself. Movie art from this category is also commonly used as part of a larger motion picture theme, or a genre-based theme such as romance or science fiction.
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