Greta Garbo Posters

Greta Garbo was one of the actresses that had to overcome a lot of adversity before enjoying worldwide fame and she deserves all the celebrity that she later enjoy. Despite her humble beginnings and the fact that she had to walk a long and twisted path, the ambitious Swedish girl made it to Hollywood. The fact that she couldn’t speak English in the beginning was not a big problem, because she initially acted in silent movies.
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Greta Garbo Art

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Mata Hari
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While the reta Garbo art prints are just as beautiful and say the same story whether they are about silent or regular movies, they mark different milestones in her career. helps you follow this upwards trajectory step-by-step, by providing easy access to Greta Garbo wall art that celebrates her most important acting achievements. Anna Christie was the movie that made her famous and that’s why the corresponding posters are so much appreciated.

When it comes to her most important movies, Queen Christina, Camille, Grand Hotel and Ninotchka are the ones that stand out from the crowd. The Greta Garbo posters for these movies brilliantly capture the very fragrance of those times, which makes them a great choice for vintage collections. They are drawings rather than photographs, but the inherent limitations of technology back then didn’t hurt the overall appeal, quite the contrary, making it hard to resist the temptation of displaying several such Greta Garbo printings.
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