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Demi Moore is remembered by most for her roles in Striptease and Indecent Proposal, two movies that were very bold for that time. Much to her credit she did a fine job in both of them and that success turned her from a less known actress into the best paid in Hollywood. The Demi Moore Posters featuring her in these films and up for sale at are still quite actual and are a must-have for the fans who plan on decorating the walls of their homes.
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Demi Moore Art

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Ghost - Movie Score
Wall Poster
24" x 36"
Usually ships same day
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Contrary to popular belief, Demi Moore art prints are just as sought after when they feature her in more serious movies or comedies. A Few Good Men and The Juror belong to the first category, with the former being an amazing achievement for both Demi and Tom Cruise. Jack Nicholson was every bit as impressive as in most of his roles and those who look for more than sexy Demi Moore art work, will surely appreciate these ones.

Ghost was by far the most emotional movie of all those having Demi as main character, with these Demi Moore posters being a great choice for those who love and miss Patrick Swayze. St. Elmo’s Fire, Now and Then or About Last Night are less known films, but that’s what makes these Demi Moore art prints special for her fans. There are a couple of different Now and Then prints, inspired by the official poster or key moments in the movie, for those who are looking for something in particular.
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