Friday the 13th Posters

Horror movies have been around for quite a while and they are here to stay, but classic titles still rank high in the fans preferences. Friday the 13th Posters are every bit as popular today as they were more than three decades ago when the horror movie was released. Hollywood has its merits, for releasing sequels and plenty of new movies revolving around the nightmarish character, but played its part by constantly enhancing the collection of art prints.
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Friday the 13th Art

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Camp Crystal Lake
Fine-Art Print
13" x 19"
Ships within 1-2 days
Fine-Art Print
20" x 20"
Ships within 1-2 days
Friday the 13th
Wall Poster
24" x 36"
Usually ships same day
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The vast majority of Friday the 13th paintings are centered on the main villain, so those who are trying to find artwork capturing Jason and his victims won’t be disappointed. has diversified its collection of Friday the 13th printings to include the criminal both unmask and wearing his infamous hockey mask. Granted these posters might not be a good choice for a nursery, they are a perfect addition to any movie fan’s collection.

Those who are anxiously waiting for the next horror movie to be released and have watched all the titles featuring Jason, are in for a treat. The Friday the 13th posters cover the entire spectrum and all the sequels are featured, so it is possible to establish an entire collection. Moneywise, the investment is minimal, as all the artwork is affordable regardless of the size of the Friday the 13th canvas. This also applies to the framed versions and prospective customers should know that no compromises are made in terms of quality.
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