Sleeping Beauty Art

The tale of Sleeping Beauty has captured the imagination of many audiences both young and old. This age-old Germanic fairy tale details a story of true love and heroism. Thanks to Walt Disney's animated movie; this fairy tale has since grown into an iconic work that has served as an inspiration to modern artists around the world.

As one of the oldest animated fairy tales, these sensitive children illustrations took over a decade to create into an animated film. These delicate fairy tale paintings were created by one of the most skilled animators of the modern world, Walt Disney. These illustrations were highly sophisticated works of art and Disney's cel illustrations are still used today as individual examples of Sleeping Beauty art. Curiously, unlike many of Disney's works, Sleeping Beauty hasn't been reanimated.
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Sleeping Beauty Artwork

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Many modern artists have taken their inspiration from Walt Disney's creative venture. These artists use a variety of styles in their fairy tale art, including Romantic styling and modern pop art representations. Even the villain of the story, the evil Queen Maleficent has gained popularity among Sleeping Beauty art enthusiasts and is displayed in a variety of styles by different artists in their fantasy art.

In modern times, Sleeping Beauty illustrations are tremendously popular. They are often used in nurseries and rooms for little girls. However, as the generation that was raised on the Sleeping Beauty legend and Walt Disney's animated film grows older, these decorations are increasingly being used by older audiences.
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